Melissa Johnson

Brooklyn, NY



2018           Processing, Old Stone house, Brooklyn, NY

                        Curated by Katherine Gressel

                    Sequence, Mobile Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

                        Curated by Gowanus Swim Society

2017           Good-Bye Gowanus, Mobile Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

                        Curated by Gowanus Swim Society

                    Luminous Flux, The Pink House, Brooklyn, NY

                        Curated by Upstairs Projects

                    In Situ, The Pink House, Brooklyn, NY

                        Curated by Upstairs Projects

2016            Total Request Alive, Otion Front Studio, Brooklyn, NY

                        Curated by Bethany Dinsick

                    Natural/Unnatural, Square Dot Plus Studio, Brooklyn, NY

                        Curated by Gowanus Swim Society

                    Altar Spaces, Monk Space, Los Angeles, CA

                        Curated by The Glinda's

2015            Telestrations, Halyards, Brooklyn, NY

                        Curated by Gowanus Swim Society

                    Wish You Were Here, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2014            Members Salon, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                         Curated by Rhia Hurt

2013            Connection//Disconnection, Lennies, Bloomington, IN (Solo)

                    WomenExposed8, Fell Building, Bloomington, IN

                        Curated by Filiz Cicek

2012            International Collective Exhibition, Gallery Le Logge, Assisi, ITALY

                        Curated by Marina Merli

                    The Fame Disease, The Bishop, Bloomington, IN

                        Curated by Lori Canada

                    WomenExposed7, Trained Eye Art Center, Bloomington, IN

                        Curated by Filiz Cicek

2011            Bestiary, Paper Crane Gallery, Bloomington, IN

                        Curated by Luke Woodaman

2010            Thesis, SOFA (Grunwald) Gallery, Bloomington, IN

                        Curated by Betsy Stirratt




2016            Delancey Mural, 100 Gates mural project, Manhattan, NY

2015            Canal St. Mural, 100 Gates mural project, Manhattan, NY

2013            What’s On T.V.?, outdoor sculpture, SculptEVV, Evansville, IN

2012            Pancake Season, mural, The Village Deli, Bloomington, IN

2012            Brain Extravaganza!, outdoor sculpture, Jill Bolte Taylor, Bloomington, IN

2012            Pilgrimage of The Power Woman, outdoor sculpture, Arte Studio                                                                                                                  Ginestrelle, Assisi, ITALY

2011            Recycle, mural, Lennie’s, Bloomington, IN

2008            Harvesting Our Sun & the Milky Way Galaxy, outdoor sculpture, with John                                                 David Mooney, University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN



2016            Bulletproof Soul, Discussion Panel + Zine Fair, Manhattan, NY



2015            Prop & Set Design assistant, Brooklyn, NY

2014            Puppet & Prop assistant for Jessica Scott, Brooklyn, NY

2012            Arte Studio Ginestrelle, International A.I.R., Assisi, ITALY


2017            Co-Founder & Curator of Upstairs Projects, art event hosting team

2015            Gowanus Swim Society: Art Collective, member & promoter,

                           Brooklyn, NY

2010            BA of Art & Minor Art History, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN



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